“Silver Jubilee : Sr. Susanne Yeboua’s Remarkable Mission Journey”

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At the chapel of MIM, a special ceremony took place, organized by the NDA sisters in collaboration with the SMA fathers. They chose this location to celebrate the Mass, an event rich in significance. Firstly, it was a thanksgiving for the arrival of their new resident, but it also marked the silver jubilee of Sr. Suzanne Yeboua, presided over by Mgr. Michel Cartateguy.

The event was characterized by songs from various regions around the world, accompanied by the rhythms of African drums and the presence of pachyderms. The Missionary Catechists of the Sacred Heart sisters also joined in this fervent celebration.
In his homily, Mgr. Michel Cartateguy began with the melody of the jubilarian, “I will bless the Lord at all times.” He emphasized that this song was the bond that now united the two communities, linked not only by history but also by neighbourhood.

The prelate then shared a reflection on humility, drawing from the teachings of Jesus. He discussed the idea that taking the last places with humility should not be false modesty but rather a way to demonstrate one’s faith while hoping that others would come to lift you to the first places. He warned against false humility, which can be even more detrimental than a lack of humility. In the latter, the desire to stand out and seek personal glory is evident, while false humility can disguise excessive pride.

Sr. Susanne Yeboua, celebrating her silver jubilee, chose to symbolize the various stages of her mission with meaningful objects. A candle and a stool represented her early years in Chad, where she was warmly welcomed by the community. Then, a candle and a hoe symbolized her study mission in France, where she acquired the necessary skills as a Social Worker to make the land more fertile.

The third stage of her mission took her to Burkina Faso, where she worked with vulnerable children living on the streets. She chose a cardboard box and a tomato can to represent this period, survival items for these children in need.
Sister Suzanne’s current mission in France was symbolized by a candle and a plant with deep roots, representing the renewal of faith rooted in the French Christian tradition.

Sr. Susanne renewed her commitment to live by the Evangelical Councils for the greater glory of God and the service of the Church in the world. The ceremony concluded with a candlelight procession and the renewal of this commitment in the presence of the provincial supervisor.

After the Mass, at the residence of the sisters of Notre Dame des Apôtres, visitors enjoyed West African dishes, thus reminiscing about the fond memories of their mission in the service of elderly sisters during their time in Africa. The atmosphere was filled with songs and dances, with the SMA brothers taking turns to express their joy in honor of this exceptional jubilation.

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