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We are thrilled to announce the election of the new OLA General Council.

The congregational leader has been elected last Monday 25th July and this morning the councilors have been elected, making the general council full and complete.

The members of the new council are as follow:

 From Left to Right : Emilienne TOUGOUMA ; Mary T. BARRON Anne FALOLA ; Marie Helene GOURDON

Congregational Leader: Rev. Sr. Mary T. BARRON from Ireland;
Councilor: Rev. Sr. Marie Hélène GOURDON from France;
Councilor: Rev. Sr. Anne FALOLA from Nigeria;
Councilor: Rev. Sr. Emilienne TOUGOUMA from Burkina Faso.

They have the great task of leading the OLA boat under the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the next five years.

Let us note that the election of a new General Council is an auspicious moment in the life of any congregation. It symbolizes the dedication to living out one’s charism and mission in service to God and humanity.

The primary purpose of the General Council is to discern the will of God for the congregation, formulate policies, oversee finances, and ensure that the charism and mission of the congregation are faithfully lived out.

The General Council also serves as a vital link between the congregation’s leadership and its members. It ensures that decisions align with the core values and spirituality of the congregation, as well as the teachings of the Catholic Church. The council members, inspired by their shared commitment to God, work together to address the needs of the congregation and the broader society.

So, in the spirit of joy and celebration, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected General Council of our beloved Sisters and commend them towards a brighter future, guided by faith and unity in service.

The Sisters started their General Chapter last July 8th and will finish next August 06th.

We continue to pray for them as they continue their deliberations.

Brice Ulrich AFFERI

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