“New Provincial and Council Elected: Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles (OLA) Welcome Diverse Leadership”

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OLA, France Provincial Council

In a historic moment marked by anticipation and reverence, billows of white smoke ascended this evening as the Provincial and council of Our Lady of the Apostles sisters in the French province elected new leadership. Sr. Victoria ZIRRA, hailing from Nigeria, assumes the role of Provincial Superior, while Lynn SAINT-AURET from France and Suzanne YEBOUA from C么te d’Ivoire step into the positions of councilors.

The pivotal event unfolded amidst the solemnity of the 10th Provincial chapter held at the Center of Neyli猫re in France. Among the esteemed witnesses was Mgr. Michel CARTATEGUY, an invitee and a distinguished member of the Lyon provincial council. The chapter convened with the participation of at least twenty members of the OLA, marking a significant gathering in the congregation’s history.

The incoming team succeeds Sr. Marie H茅l猫ne ROBERT of France as Provincial, Sr. Danielle BILLOTTET of France as vice superior, and Sr. Josephine ARTHUR of Ghana as councilor, who served the congregation diligently over the past five years.

Simultaneously, updates have been received regarding the election of new leaders in other OLA provinces and districts. Sr. Odile SOUDONOU leads the province of Benin, with Sr. Felicia NWOSU and Sr. Nicole HOIUNATO as councilors. In the Italian province, Sr. Daniela BELLINI assumes leadership, supported by Sr. Mary AMOAKO and Sr. Alma COMI as councilors. The Egyptian province welcomes Sr. Marie Therese HAKIM as leader, with Sr. Mervat GHOBRIEL and Sr. Francisca KARUNWI as councilors. Notably, Ireland has transitioned from province to District status, with Sr. Mary CROWLEY at the helm and Sr. Gabrielle FARRELL and Sr. Janet NUTAKOR serving as councilors.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles comprise ten provinces and seven districts in total. Pending chapters and subsequent elections are awaited in Nigeria, C么te d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Lebanon provinces, as well as Algeria, Chad, Tanzania, and Argentina districts.

As the OLA provincial and District leaders and their councilors embrace their new responsibilities, they do so with the support and prayers of their communities and the SMA fraternity. May their leadership be guided by wisdom and compassion as they embark on their mandate.

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    Finbarr James Zirra

    Congratulations to Ola for successfully selecting their new leaders. I pray that God will grant the new appointees grace, leadership skills, wisdom, strength, patience and all they need to succeed.

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