Day 3 of the Plenary Council 2023

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Third Day
The third day of the Plenary Council began with the eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Francois du Penhoat, the Provincial of Lyon who is at the same time the host. Money matters with regard to health and retirement of the members of new entities following the previous day’s discussions set the stage for the morning session. The Local Health Fund (LHF) established is under the stewardship of the various entities while the Central Emergency Health Fund (CEHF) is under the custody of the Generalate.

It was pointed out that the care of retired members is the responsibility of the entity of origin. There were also discussions about health insurance for members that has long been known as EMI-MSH.

Some members sought clarifications about associates whose duration is not determined. However, it is clear that the minimum amount of time associates can have with the SMA is six years and there is a need to precisely keep in mind the current realities.

The General secretary spoke about different templates for different official correspondents within the SMA structures by entity superiors including those requesting funds. These templates are proper to the SMA.

While some can be modified by local superiors there are certain templates that cannot be altered.

The project coordination office was created on 21 Déc 2021 and the first Director was Fr. Gustave Chisenga. The office is now under the leadership of Fr. Eliesar Sandoval from the American Province pending its new status as a foundation.

The Commission on Spirituality presented the work regarding Society’s Spirituality. The text is inspired by Blessed Bresillac, the scripture, history of the church as well as the reality of the present age.
A document of Five chapters is being developed with various contributors such as Jean Marie Guillaume, Bruno Simplicio and Gustave Kutobetey.
A proposal was made at the plenary to include the young members in the mission.

The new method of distribution of mission funds will take effect in September this year. All the mission funds disbursed to the entities will be published at the smanetfamily.

At the end of the morning session members who appeared to be in good spirits worked in groups during the afternoon session.

                                          By Dominic Wabwireh, SMA

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