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We come together online to reflect and share together various dimensions of our Charism. The long-awaited Event 2017 has arrived. Ten countries will be connected to Rome for two hours on December 6th and 7th for the event. 

Everybody either in group or alone can watch the live session on streaming on our SMA website (

The general format of the programme will be a five-minute presentation from a country based on a given theme and three-minute comments from two countries. Then we go to another presentation and two other comments.

Those who want to comment or want to be called can write directly on our website (

You can provide the following link to your own website and your viewers will be able to follow the live streaming: 


Want to send messages or email? Send WhatsApp or SMS or email messages to :

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Here are the details of the programme:

December 6th (GMT 13 – 15hrs)

Introduction from Rome

1. Presentation on Missionary Heritage of Brésillac in Indiafrom India
    Comments from Philippines and Nigeria

2. Presentation on Relationship between the missionaries and their Church of origin” from Benin/Niger
    Comments from Ivory Coast and France

3. Presentation on SMA Mission and integrity of Creation from Ireland
    Comments from India and US

4. Presentation on Living the SMA Charism in Egyptfrom Egypt
    Comments from Ivory Coast and Benin

5. Presentation on Action for justice and peacefrom Kenya
    Comments from the Philippines and Ireland

6. Presentation on Mission in Francefrom France
    Comments from Egypt and Benin

Phone calls from general audience

Close of day one.

December 7th (GMT 13 – 15hrs)

Introduction from Rome

1. Presentation on Challenges of primary evangelisationfrom Nigeria
    Comments from Kenya and US

2. Presentation on Formation for the mission from Ivory Coast
    Comments from Egypt and France

3. Presentation on Mission and Vocation Animationfrom the Philippines
    Comments from India and Zambia

4. Presentation on Missionary Charims lived out with and by lay missionariesfrom the US
    Comments from Kenya and Ireland

Phone calls from general audience

Comments received from audience

Closing address from the Superior General

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