Eleventh day of the Plenary Council

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Eleventh day of the Plenary Council
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During the past almost two weeks, the delegates have been meeting in small and large groups throughout the day.

Following dinner, additional meetings are held for some of the participants: discussions on special funds (i.e. Solidarity Fund, Primary Evangelization Fund); information about appointments; etc. In addition, there is a group that meets at night to edit the proposals in French and English, and another group that regularly meets to determine the overall progress of the meeting, if amendments need to be made to the programme, if other issues have arisen, etc.

Today, a gray, rainy Thursday June 09, Day 11 of the PC, the PC delegates finalized and voted upon the individual texts for all the topics discussed. An overall vote remains for the entirety of the texts and the minutes, as well as the closing address by Fr. Fachtna, both of which will take place on Friday. 

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