The Plenary Council 2015 at Chaponost, third day

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The Plenary Council 2015 at Chaponost, third day
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This is another day, the third day of the plenary council marked with a beautiful weather. Gregoire a member of Polish District-in-Formation working in Central African Republic explains how he became a delegate :

 {module Interview of Grzegorz KUCHARSKI}

“I am not an ex-officio member of plenary Council. I am here to represent all the regional superiors working in Bight of Benin. It is in this capacity that I was invited to the plenary council.”

He gives us his impression of a young delegate:
“It is my first time to attend a plenary council. I see a bit how it works; reliable people meet to discuss important issues of the SMA. I also have the impression that I am the youngest participant of the plenary council.”

He now explains his vision of a plenary council:
“I think it is an important step in the life of the Society of African Missions where it can mark a stop so that members meet to discuss prominent issues related to both present and future. The plenary council provide a venue to think about questions such as where are we in our life, with our commitments, with our projects with all that make up our lives.”

Here in Cartières there are 13 different nationalities working gathered. The work is done both in French and English:
“I feel there is a common understanding of issues despite our various origins: Francophone, Anglophone, and those who speak both languages. I observe that things are well organised in such a way that communication is easy and the groups are well sorted out, the translators are working well. So I do not meet any difficulty at that level though we are different and come from different background and culture with various commitments and responsibilities. I find this meeting fraternal. ”

Despite the busy days, Central African Republic remains present in his heart and thoughts:
“Of course, our country the Central African Republic has encountered political unrest since the last coup d’état in 2013. This coup has span through time, movement and daily life of people, for quite long. It was only recently that we experienced some quietude. Now, peace is slowly returning thanks to each one’s effort and the presence of the international peace keeping force. Now we are able to work in peace, movements are easier than before with less stress as kidnaping reduces. ”

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