On the road to Emmaus

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On the road to Emmaus
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Among all the stories of the resurrection that it is given to us to hear in this time of Easter season, there is one which touches me particularly because of the atmosphere of intimacy that emerges. While most of the other stories are quite stereotyped, it tells a very personal encounter of two disciples with the Lord.
Here are two men filled with disillusions returning home after the apparent failure of Jesus. They are so overwhelmed by their disappointment that they are unable to recognize Jesus who joined them on the way. But they are to listen and little by little their heart becomes all burning of hope. And finally their eyes were opened when Jesus breaks the bread during the night meal. Their indoor night is suddenly illuminated by this unexpected revelation.

Somewhere, we are all pilgrims of Emmaus. Our missionary life is a life of ‘vagrants’ of the Gospel, literally as figuratively. How many times have we not been blocked on bad roads we had to face? How many times have we not questioned ourselves on the ‘efficiency’ of our work when we had the impression of preaching in the wilderness? Some of us are still on the ground to announce the Good News to those who have not yet heard it. While many others, more numerous, render a service in the administration of the SMA or walk on the road to old age. But the essential thing is that we all remain on the route and that we are listening to the master who walks alongside us.

The historians were unable to locate with certainty the village of Emmaus: would it not be the sign that basically everyone has his way to Emmaus, with his personal history, his itinerary, his qualities and defects, hopes and disappointments?
Regardless of our situation, the adventure of the mission continues, enlightened by the word and nourished by the broken-bread which strengthens our communion in the same Lord. This is what tells us one of the hymns we are given to sing in this Easter season.

Fr. Alain Derbier, SMA


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