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Dear confreres,
The SMA Media Centre invites itself at the heart of your Lenten season to present you with its activities and missionary priorities for this year 2014-2015.
As you probably know, this Centre is an organ of information dedicated to the African continent. It is at the service of communication managers, Secretaries, and the missionary animators of all SMA entities. It was created in 2009 and has its headquarters at 150 Cours Gambetta, Lyon, France.


It’s a team willing to offer assistance in the creation of websites, in the production of videos and coverage of events. It also takes care of editing and publishing of books.
Do you have any experience to be shared, research results, a reflection or a testimony to be published? Send your manuscripts, and the SMA Media Centre will do the rest! Since the beginning of this year, a few books were published: “L’Afrique saigne” of Alain Bikini, “Journeying to SMA Priesthood” of Tim Cullinane and many others. You find them on our website.

The SMA Media Center has a library of numerous photos and videos of African Missions, as it contains many archives of old and recent pictures testifying to the missionary activities of our confreres around the world. This library is available online through Joomeo, a platform for sharing photos. Using a username and a password that are provided on request, you can also upload your own photos on a dedicated space. You can also access to others’ photos. We have also a few videos. They are published on YouTube, with the name: smaollywood.

An international website,, testifies to the SMA presence on the web. It comes in two versions, French and English. Each version has two accesses: a “general access”: accessible to all the Internet users, and a “private access”: accessible only to SMA confreres. You will find all official documents of the SMA, a database containing a record of bio-data for each confrere. There is also a forum for Exchange on different issues. There will be organized consultations on questions of general interest of SMA, and we can also organize different elections of our Society. You are invited, from the General interface of the site, to register on this private space.
The SMA Media is also present on Facebook and Twitter with the name: Sma Internationale. Its visibility and utility depends on your multiple clicks. So the SMA Media Centre counts on you.

The collaboration with all the SMA entities remains for us a priority. This collaboration is exercised by the reliable persons of each entity and each country. The SMA Media Centre team relies on the availability of each confrere to collaborate in the mission of evangelization through the media. With this letter, the SMA Media Centre presents itself in the following video.

Wherever you are, in Europe or America, Asia or Africa, the SMA Media Centre is at your service. It counts on you.

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