Liberia: Living in time of Ebola. Testimony of Father Désiré Salako

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Liberia: Living in time of Ebola. Testimony of Father Désiré Salako
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P. Desire SalakoI returned to Liberia by a long detour through Casablanca, flight times and wait: but “the game was worth the candle.” I am finally at peace to find my people.

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, the people with whom we have to be today are Liberians, but this is my own opinion. My appreciation here and there – I mean on the inside and outside of Liberia each and all speak from a place. Let me summarize the issues.

There is first the administrative political authorities who do not want to throw aspersions on the country, because in doing so, the country would draw more: it is for example the position of the President of the Republic, which is also passed here in Sanniquellie, to whom we spoke and told us about. She went in our clinic.

Then there is the position of local authorities which feed psychosis, because for a patient, there are bonuses; for the dead, even more: some and this all over the country are in prison for having overcharged or misappropriated goods for the sick, quarantined” or the families of victims.

There are also pseudo-hero position, which maintain the mystery or outright black paint the country: they present themselves as the only ones that can remain and be with Liberians: it is good wars, it pays and painting the situation is sold inside and especially outside the country. In this category we find everyone. We can also find religious, often those who are in contact with the outside of the country.

Actually, no one is immune and the risk is everywhere on the earth today. Everywhere and for a long time, caution should be used: simple gestures cleanliness should be observed for example washing hands frequently.

Psychosis is greater outside of Liberia. Stigma weakens Member survivors of families. Evil is certainly unpredictable: there are unexpected and probable peaks but Ebola do not seek, and we do not seek Ebola.

For me, for us who have the opportunity to be here today, we must have this duty of truth in the place of people who are far away – this in the name of God at work, out of respect for patients and the victims.

We are missionaries, let us live what we are. We are not just peacetime missionaries. Pray for us.

Désiré Salako

Missionnary in Liberia

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