International SMA Contest for the 2025 General Assembly: A Call to Imagination and Creativity

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Call for AG 25 Logo and Hymn

As the 2025 General Assembly of the Society of African Missions draws near, an enthusiastic call is extended to all members to participate in creating a distinctive logo and evocative hymn. Under the inspiring theme “Set Apart to Proclaim the Gospel in Africa, with Africa and from Africa,” this assembly offers a unique opportunity for artistic expression and sharing of faith.

The primary objective of this contest is to allow each member of the Church to celebrate and share the joy of living the Gospel, with a particular emphasis on Africa. By participating in this initiative, each individual commits to supporting the evangelizing mission in Africa, thereby contributing to its growth and outreach.

This contest will span a year, from initial organization to the online posting of the laureates’ works, which will include the SMA hymn and logo for the 2025 General Assembly. These creations will be at the very heart of the event, reflecting its essence and diversity.

Open to all members of the Society of African Missions, as well as sisters of Our Lady of Apostles, Missionary Catechists of the Sacred Heart sisters, as well as the Fraternity of the Lay Missionaries and all Christian communities in various mission locations, this contest encourages participation through visual and auditory expressions. We cordially invite all participants to submit their creative contributions, including high-quality audio or video recordings and logo proposals, to The submission deadline is set for the end of November 2024. We look forward to receiving your innovative and inspiring works.

A bilingual jury, composed of amateur and professional artists, will be tasked with awarding three prizes based on artistic excellence and relevance to the theme. This jury, chaired by a music professional and assisted by a design expert, will consist of seven members.

Creativity, artistic and vocal talent, harmony, design originality, and relevance to the theme will be key criteria considered when selecting the laureates.

The prizes will not only reward participants’ creativity and originality but also their commitment to the evangelizing mission in Africa, while embodying the theme of the General Assembly through their creations.

By participating in this contest, each individual accepts and adheres to the rules and guidelines outlined, thereby affirming their support for the evangelizing mission in Africa.

Partners of this contest include the Carrefour des Cultures Africaines, SMA parishes, SMA provinces and districts, as well as the Brésillac family and other associated organizations.

This contest offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the visual and auditory expression of our shared mission, to celebrate the diversity and creativity of our community, while demonstrating our commitment to proclaiming the Gospel in Africa. We look forward to discovering your inspiring and innovative contributions!

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