Plenary Council 2022: Day 4

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Plenary Council 2022: Day 4
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Photo1 CP J4On this 4th day of the Plenary Council 2022, our Superior Fathers addressed the issues of formation and administration. We know that in every society, human capital holds a central place. The formation and management of this capital is therefore crucial for an organization to move forward towards the vision that saw its birth. Our founder said, “The members of a society have the consolation of sharing in the merits of all the good that is done in the body of the association, by the strength given to them

by the union of their common efforts” (Retreat to the Missionaries, 80). 

In the constant concern to advance together the work of our Founder, Bishop de Marion Brésillac, the Council first analyzed in depth the improvements made at each stage of formation in recent years. Then, we had to work on the changes that are necessary in our Constitutions and Laws, since our structures have changed.

Pierre-Paul DOSSEKPLI 

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