International symposium of CFMA for its 10th anniversary

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International symposium of CFMA for its 10th anniversary
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Administartive buildings of CFMA

The Missionary Formation Centre of Abidjan is a catholic institute founded in 2004 by the Society of African Missions in Collaboration with the Missionaries of Africa and the Franciscans later joined by other missionary congregations.

The CFMA provides a multidisciplinary and quality training in mission related studies, rooted in the faith of the Catholic Church and open to current issues that affect humanity in general and Africans in particular.

Yearly, the CFMA organises an international conference, this year it will be held from 24th to 26th April 2015. It will be facilitated by speakers from various backgrounds and expertise. The symposium opened to both current students and all those who want to reflect on the theme. This year, as part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of its foundation, the symposium will focus on “The New Evangelisation: What mission? What training?

Held under the patronage of His Eminence Cardinal Jean-Pierre Kutwa, Archbishop of Abidjan, the symposium will be sponsored by his Excellency Bishop Louis Portella MBUYU, deputy of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar. This year symposium is under the chairmanship of his Excellency Raymond AHOUA, Bishop of Grand-Bassam.

The new evangelisation refers to the fidelity of the Church in its mission of the Resurrected Christ’s witness in today’s societies. What is evangelisation today in a context of lukewarmness and loss of faith in western societies? How do we root the faith received from the West into endogenous cultures of Southern societies? How do we articulate Gospel, History, Culture and lived faith to allow actors to be trained to the methods of the mission?

There certainly is a challenge to discover what the mission of Christ is so as to raise and train apostolic workers, ordained ministers, religious and laity to be prophetic witnesses of Jesus Christ in an industrial and post-modern society concerned with basic human issues including development and justice and peace.

Following items will be discussed in developing the symposium’s theme:

  1. Context of Mission, New Evangelisation and formation
  2. Mission and New Evangelisation
  3. Actors of New Evangelisation
  4. African Christianity and New Evangelisation
  5. Mission, formation and spirituality of the New Evangelisation
  6. Mission for peace, Ecumenism and interreligious dialogue
  7. Spirituality and perspective of the new evangelisation.

The institute of Theology, CFMA, focuses on Mission as a core of its education and research so as to prepare true witnesses to the Gospel.

 JL Théron, sma Director of BIRD

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